In-store Support

In-store Technical Support and Computer Repair Services Pricing

Chicago Computer Club offers affordable pricing for computer repair and technical support services. Our expert technicians are here to fix your computer problems fast and within budget.

IN-STORE SERVICE PRICE LIST Non Club Member Pricing Club Member Pricing
  Basic Enhanced
In-Store Diagnoses and Estimates $39 Free Free
67-Point, 24/7 Proactive Diagnosis and Alert Services - Free Free
Computer Tracking and Locator System - Free Free
Parental Control - Optional Optional
Data Backup Variable!
Please see us in store!
Optional Optional
Data Recovery Optional Optional
Virus / Spyware Removal 10% OFF Free
Unlimited Remote Support with Dedicated Line 20% OFF
Unlimited In-Store Service, Parts and Labor Included
Software Problem Support
1 Hour Free On-site Service per Month
Windows Installation
Windows Password
Driver Installation
Hardware Installation
Motherboard Replacement
Laptop Power Jack
Laptop BIOS Password
Laptop Screen
Priority Service
All Other Repair Services
Virus/Spyware Removal TBD - Please see us in store. 10% off Free
PC Tune-up TBD - Please see us in store.  10% off  20% off
All Other Maintenance Services TBD - Please see us in store. 10% off 20% off
All Upgrades and Replacements Cost of
hardware plus
labor at $69
per hour
10% off labor
and 5% off
20% off
labor and
5% off parts
Limited Hardware Warranty Optional Optional

Services and prices are subject to initial diagnostic – no quotes are given over the phone and the device must be physically inspected after the diagnostic fee is made before we render a full price contract.

67-point, 24/7 proactive monitor and alert services mean fast, uninterrupted computing

We install a monitoring program on your computer which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It monitors 67 different aspects of your computer system while the computer is in your home or business. Alerts will be sent to you by email if any possible computer problems are found. This proactive program allows you to take action before your computer is affected. 98% of computer problems will be detected even before you notice them and 80% of the problems can be solved remotely over the Internet. So there is NO need to disconnect, pack, and carry your computer to a store. Your computer’s down time will be significantly reduced and/or avoided. Now that’s fast and hassle-free!

Lost computer retrieval via tracking system

If your computer is stolen, just contact us to start our asset tracking procedure. Once the lost computer is online, it will send us its IP address and we will be able to submit the information to law enforcement to help you get your computer back.

Members-only portal for exclusive bonuses and service

Our members get access to a private portion of our website. From there, our members enjoy the added benefit of exclusive offers and exciting discounts from local businesses. This members-only section also allows for remote servicing of your computer and easy-pay access.

Automatic hard drive defragmentation

If your computer is running slow your computer’s memory may need to be defragmented. Our technicians will advise you if this is needed, and are happy to perform the service free of charge for our members.

Monthly members-only coupons

Our members enjoy exclusive offers and exciting discounts from area merchants. The offers available vary by membership level.

Anti-virus/spyware service is guaranteed

We load a proprietary, trusted anti-virus system that is running on over 80 million computers worldwide. We proactively monitor your computer 24/7 for any viruses, spyware and malware activities, and make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and functioning properly. We remove any threats before they impair or damage your computer system. If we cannot block it, we will fix it for FREE. GUARANTEED.

We perform our proactive virus control from our command center, where we can quickly spot new virus threats. If a couple of our members’ computers get a new virus or spyware, we quickly fix the problem and note the trend. We can then proactively send the solution to all of our members. This not only helps those affected, but the information is used to immunize all other members’ computers from being infected by the same virus or spyware.

Malicious website blocking

Many parents are concerned about their children accessing malicious or dangerous websites. Our service can block your computer from inadvertently accessing such sites.

PC performance booster

In addition to blocking viruses and spyware, we also protect against useless, resource consuming applications such as certain unwanted Internet Explorer toolbars and Windows gadget programs. Even though these are legitimate programs, most times they are not used and take up precious system resources. To keep premium members’ computers running fast, they are identified as “grayware” and can be removed with our members’ permission.

We also run regular scans on your computer to keep your files well-ordered and your hard drive in good working condition, defragmenting and checking your hard disk.

Ongoing updates to prevent viruses

We continuously update members’ computers with the latest software updates and proactive measures to prevent virus attacks.

Automatic Windows updates

We automatically make sure members’ computers are equipped with the latest Windows patches, especially security patches, to combat virus, spyware, blue screens and other conventional Windows problems. We will scan for missing patches periodically, check the compatibility of new patches and install approved patches automatically.

Remote support for virus removal

With this service we provide unlimited remote support for virus removal whenever you need it. Call us at 773-516-5658. Our highest priority is to have our senior technicians take care of your computer immediately.

Troubleshoot non-virus software problems with our remote support

With this membership option we also provide unlimited support for your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications. This service includes unlimited remote support whenever you need it. Call us at 773-516-5658.

In-store diagnoses and estimates

We will give your computer or laptop a thorough check and diagnose any problems. There is NO CHARGE for in-store computer diagnoses and estimates for members. This is necessary prior to any computer repair.

In-store virus/spyware removal

If your computer becomes infected with a virus, stop by one of our convenient retail locations. We can quickly diagnose the problem and get it running fast again.

Data backup and recovery

If you’ve ever lost important data on your computer, you know how important it is to keep a backup. With this service, a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery System will be set for your computer. All of your important data will be backed up according to a schedule that you set. The Backup and Disaster Recovery System will be monitored and maintained to ensure that successful data backup occurs on schedule. Any problems found will be recorded, reported, and solved at no extra charge before your data is affected. Should data loss occur, it can be restored at your request.

Hardware and parts purchase discount

Business members enjoy the benefit of free replacement of failed hardware. That’s no charge for the parts or labor. If the same type of hardware is not readily available, an equivalent or a better part will be substituted. One computer per membership. LCD/LED monitors and printers bought from Chicago Computer Club can be added to each membership. Other membership levels benefit from both labor and parts discounts.

On-site service

If you can’t come to us, we can go to you! Members receive discounted rates on house calls. Service hours will be counted with necessary one-way travel based on Google map calculation from our main office at 401 S LaSalle St. 1203 Chicago, IL 60605.