Why Remote Support?

Online computer repair is a cheaper, faster, and more convenient way to repair common issues such as removing a computer virus as well as a variety of PC fix issues.

Online computer repair has become possible because of the emergence of safe, secure remote agents. These agents are little pieces of software which allow our support desk to quickly and securely connect to your computer and get diagnostic information from your computer, and, with your approval, repair your computer online.

Here are some FAQ's about computer support online:

Note that an internet connection is required for our remote help desk services!

Yes. Our support agent connection is encrypted and secured. Additionally, our service agents cannot and will not initiate a remote connection unless express permission is provided.
Yes. Actually online computer repair is the most affordable and convenient way to get virus removal help. Please note that remote support is not always viable option! In some instances we do need to take a look at your PC in store to complete the repairs.
Of course, but whether or not we can do so remotely depends! In some cases we are unable to resolve, or even connect when the blue screen of death is an issue. Don't worry though, we'll gladly assist further in store if need be.
Yes. We can help with software configuration and troubleshooting, but we only offer limited technical support for modems, printers, and or other small non-computer devices such as keyboards remotely. Occasionally there are issues which will not allow us to properly configure your software or hardware.